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“I Highly Recommend This Program For Anyone Like Me Who Works Out As Hard As They Can And Still Get No Results.”

I had an absolutely wonderful experience with Sean and his team during the 20 in 42 Transformation Challenge. I felt like I was home the minute I walked in the door for the first time.

There was such a positive vibe with everyone encouraging the newcomer that it was contagious. I wanted to improve so I would have also have the opportunity to help someone else.

Showing up to the gym each day and training was a real treat after a hard day at the office. It gave me the chance to forget about everything and focus on myself and soon I was able to help my peers around me.

Before I did the challenge I worked out daily with no real improvement in 2 years. I was sore all the time, frustrated and about to give up. Because of the challenge, I was transformed from a frumpy guy who worked out hard all the time to a much toner athlete.

I knew about eating right but Sean explained how your body works when given the correct fuel. What he taught me about nutrition made sense and was easy to follow. I was amazed on how much I lost without cutting down on the amount of food I eating.

From the workouts more core has improved, I am more flexible and I have better balance. My body no longer hurts and my self confidence is back. I highly recommend this program for anyone like me who works out as hard as they can and get no results.

Again, this is a simple program. Do what they say and you will see the results.

Anthony Donovan

“I Loved The Encouragement, Not Only From The Trainers But From The Other Challengers As Well.”

I am excited to say that I was able to achieve each goal that I set for myself while on the 20 in 42 Transformation Challenge.  I was able to lose weight, gain more energy and feel much better about myself.

Not only did I meet my goals but now I enjoy working out and have changed my daily eating habits.  In fact, my whole family has adapted a healthier eating lifestyle because of my commitment level to the challenge.     

I have made new friends in the gym and love the encouragement not only from the trainers but from the other challengers as well. I’m here to tell you, quit making excuses and just do it.  It was hard but it is worth it. 

My clothes fit better, I am more confident and I feel so much better about myself.  Deciding to do the 20 in 42 Challenge was a proud decision I made to myself. 

Mercedes Sawn

Roxana Lost OVER 20 Pounds & Inches in her first 6 weeks!

Lisa dropped over 13 pounds and inches in her first 6 weeks!
Jennifer dropped over 14 pounds and inches in her first 6 weeks!
Joanie dropped over 18 pounds and inches in her first 6 weeks!
“I Was Emotional And Proud To Say The Very Least.”
I’ve been struggling with my weight for about 7 years now. Each year that went by I kept telling myself this is the year to get back in shape.

My most recent goal was to get back in shape by the time I turned 40. Well, 40 came and went and I still struggled with finding the right fitness program. I would talk about joining a gym but knew I would get bored and not go. I also knew I needed guidance when it came to a fitness program.

Well, one day as I scrolled through the Facebook news feed I saw the post for the 20/42 Challenge. It peaked my interest especially since I love challenges. I started to read about the program and the success stories on
I was very excited when I started my journey.  The 6 weeks of hard work flew by and when the results revealed what I consider to be an astounding loss totaling 34-3/4 lbs/inches, I was emotional and proud to say the very least.

I feel fabulous and look forward to many more achievements in the next 12 months at Mayhem Fitness. You have changed my life forever.

Thank you for choosing me!

Christina Rausch
"I'm ecstatic that I hit all my goals and I feel so much better."
I also sleep better and eat better because of the 20/42 Transformation Program. 

 I love Mayhem Fitness because I don’t have to think, just show up and do the work that my trainers take me through. Everyone is helpful and nice and its Super Fun! 

 I say everyone should DO THIS!”

Amy Kelley
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